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Disposable Virus Sampling Tube-10ml

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Non-inactivated type: 10ml/3ml Inactivated type with guanidine salt: 10ml/3ml 7ml/1ml
Inactivated type without guanidine salt: 10ml/3ml

Product name: Disposable Virus Sampling Tube-10ml
Capacity: 10ml/ vial
Color: transparent
Cap color: Green
Bottom Shape: round
Material: polypropylene

Low temperature, long - term freezing, product with 2-10ml scale, easy to read liquid volume.
Each tube is equipped with a cap for storing liquids, samples, etc.
Good sealing cap, samples will not volatilize.
Resistance to low temperature, can be frozen for a long time.
Used in hospitals, epidemic prevention station, schools, scientific research laboratory, etc
Widely used in Molecular biological micromanipulation experiments and research etc.

Package included:
20x plastic test tube with caps